Our Story

ladiesnightIn December 2003 I (Pastor Marc) was a full time youth pastor in Lawrenceville, Georgia, and I traveled to my hometown Round Rock to visit family and celebrate Christmas.

While I was here I clearly sensed that God wanted me to minister in Pflugerville. When I returned to Georgia I felt my heart was in Pflugerville, so I began to pursue the leading that I felt from the Lord. After making some phone calls an associational ministry assistant asked me if I had ever thought of starting a church, and I said yes. I then began to pursue this avenue of ministry to determine if it was God’s will for me.

I ordered a preassessment from the Southern Baptist Convention and went through a formal oral assessment with a manager from the North American Mission Board (NAMB) church planting department; my wife and I were recommended to be the lead planters.

I then went to Church Planter Basic Training with the NAMB.  During lunch the first day I found myself praying, “Lord, what am I doing here?” And, He said, “this is what I have created you to do.” So, I finished the training and went back to the church that I was serving at and shared all these things with my Pastor. He gave me two weeks to come to Texas and confirm what God had been doing in my life.

At the end of April 2004 I flew to Austin, Texas and met with seven SBTC pastors following an associational meeting to share the vision for planting New Life Baptist Church in Pflugerville with the goal of securing a sponsoring church. At that meeting I met Matt Carter, Pastor of the Austin Stone Community Church. He agreed to be my planting coach, and the Austin Stone agreed to be our co-sponsoring church.

I then met with David Smith the Executive Director of the Austin Baptist Association (ABA) and shared the same with him and the ABA agreed to sponsor us.

Later that week I drove to Grapevine, Texas to meet with Leroy Fountain at the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention. I shared with him what I believe the Lord had put in my heart for New Life Baptist Church and the SBTC agreed to sponsor us.

Then I felt that since I was going to be in the same community as First Baptist Church Pflugerville I wanted a relationship with them. So, I scheduled a meeting with the Pastor and shared my heart for New Life with him. During the meeting he decided to help us and within 72 hours the church voted to be our sponsoring church.

The two weeks were now drawing to a close and with all the sponsor’s in place I began to plan and organize to begin ministry and I had to fly back to Georgia.

As I boarded the plane to fly back to Georgia my heart was so heavy because I was convinced that God wanted me here to plant this church. I was a little concerned because we had just purchased a brand new home in January 2004 and I knew that it was the only thing keeping us from moving to Pflugerville. So, I prayed to the Lord knowing that if He wanted us to come He would sell the home.

Well, I flew back on Saturday and we had already put a “For Sale by Owner” sign in the yard. We never put the house in the MLS or in the newspaper, and it sold Tuesday for full price closing at the end of the month. The woman buying the house had been praying that God would show her the house He wanted her to buy. We closed and moved to Pflugerville in June 2004. And, it has been awesome ever since.

Today, New Life Baptist Church is filled with people just like you coming together to form a church family that’s brimming with excitement, hopes, and dreams. We see things from a different perspective. Church should be fun! Come and discover a place where people are growing together in real relationships.

The services are casual so just come as you are! You’ll experience relevant teaching, inspiring music, and conversation about real-life issues. It’s all about loving God and each other, and that’s the point we are determined not to miss!

At New Life Baptist Church, our vision is you! We want you to be free to experience genuine worship, discover new friendships, explore your dreams and passions, minister the way God created you, grow in grace at your own pace, enjoy church, enjoy life, and be yourself! Come join us in the journey!

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