9.3.17 The Holy Spirit  “The Work of The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament”

I. Creation

– The Holy Spirit didn’t just arrive on the scene, He’s been active since before time began

– We know from the first verse in the Bible that God created the heavens and the earth. Since the Holy Spirit is God He was there, but let’s take a look at other verses related to the Holy Spirit’s involvement in creation

  •    * Read Gen 1:26 – God calls Himself, “Us” indicating plurality – The Holy Spirit was involved in our creation
  •    * Read Job 33:4 – Job realized the Holy Spirit created him
  •    * Read Ps 104:29-30 – The Holy Spirit sustains us
  •    * Read Isa 40:12-14 – Again, we see the Holy Spirit’s involvement in creation

– In these verses the Hebrew name of God is Elohmi which is usually plural. The personal pronoun “Us” is also used indicating the plurality of the Godhead.

– So what we realize is the Holy Spirit has been active from before time began in creating us and sustaining us – This explains His love and work in us today

II. Divine Revelation

– The Holy Spirit was not only involved in creation He was also involved in revealing to us God’s will and His Word

  •    * 2 Peter 1:21 – Prophecy was revealed by the Holy Spirit
  •    * 2 Samuel 23:1-2 – He prophecied through His people
  •    * Micah 3:8 – He revealed sin personally
  •    * Acts 1:16 – The Holy Spirit foretold by the mouth of David
  •    * Acts 28:25 – Paul recognized the Holy Spirit had spoken through Isaiah
  •    * 1 Cor 2:13 – The Spirit gives and reveals spiritual truth

– The Holy Spirit revealed God’s Word and then helps us understand it

III. His Work with People

– In the Old Testament the Holy Spirit came upon, anointed, dwelt with, and enabled God’s people to walk with God

  •    * Judges 14:6 – He gave Samson incredible strength
  •    * Judges 15:14 – He gave Samson what he needed to do His will
  •    * Judges 16:20 – The Lord departed from him – The Holy Spirit came and went
  •    * 1 Samuel 16:13 – The Spirit’s presence was evidence of anointing
  •    * Ex 31:3 – The Holy Spirit filled them with wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to accomplish the work God had given them to do
  •    * Ezek 2:2 – The Holy Spirit entered them & spoke to them
  •    * Ps 139:7-10 – The Holy Spirit was with them and led them
  •    * 1 Sam 16:13-14 – The Holy Spirit’s presence demonstrated the anointing
  •    * Ps 51:11 – After David’s sin he feared he would lose the anointing

– The Holy Spirit was actively involved with God’s people giving them what they needed to do His will


– How does knowing the Holy Spirit’s involvement in the Old Testament help us today?:

– He created us for a purpose – You are not an accident or without value – Discover it

– We can have confidence in the Bible as God’s Word – If the men who wrote did so as God spoke to them then we must receive it as from God

– He is trying to engage you in ways that support what He wants to do thru you

– Pay attention and don’t miss or doubt Him – Embrace Him for His glory!

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