9.24.17 “The Work of The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Christian at Salvation – Regeneration”

The Holy Spirit

This morning we will see the Holy Spirit’s work at salvation when we were born again to new life in Christ; washed & renewed; sanctified & justified; made righteous; and adopted . . .

Regeneration Defined – Cleanses and renews the inner being, and imparts to us spiritual life

I. Reborn

– Read John 3:3-8 – Here there are two births identified one of flesh (water) and one of Spirit – Human life and Holy Spirit life – The term birth identifies the beginning of life and Jesus tells us here that we must be spiritually born

– So how does this happen? – Read Galatians 2:20 – When we put our faith in Christ we then share in His sacrifice and discover our new life in Christ as we walk in faith – We go from placed faith to walking faith – New babies eventually walk because they have life – Same here

II. Washed & Renewed

– Read Titus 3:5 – He cleans u up – This is part of salvation not a result of our efforts to achieve or receive it – It’s a work of the Holy Spirit – Discuss behavior to achieve vs. identity driven behavior – Realize who u r!

– Read Eph 4:17-24 – We must lay aside the old self (coping patterns – happens in the mind) – Accept who u r in Christ – Not behavior; identity

III. Sanctified and Justified

– Read 1 Corinthians 6:11 – Washed (already discussed); Sanctified; Justified in the name of Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit – Let’s define sanctified and justified

  •    * Sanctified-Hagiazo (hag-ee-ad’-zo) – To make holy by extracting from the world and selfishness thru gaining fellowship with God – Not sanctification
  •    * Justified – Dikaloo – A legal term meaning to transfer the responsibility of a wrong to another rendering the individual free of the consequences of their actions. This is in the Aorist tense and Passive voice meaning it happened in the past with the subject receiving the action – God did it in the past to you

– When God saved you He truly set you free from the world, your selfishness, and the responsibility for your sin

IV. Made Righteous

– Our righteousness does not flow out of what we do it comes from the Holy Spirit

– Read Romans 14:17 – Righteousness flows from the relationship we share

– To be made righteous means we’ve adopted the righteousness of God Himself – This is why we become acceptable and not by self righteousness

V. Adopted

– Adoption is a conscious decision to receive someone into your family – God wants you

– Read Romans 8:15 – The spirit of adoption changes how we relate to God now calling Him “Abba Father” (daddy) – You are not an outsider, you are family!


– How did the Holy Spirit’s impact at our salvation change us?:

  • * Regardless how you feel or behave you are clean in the eyes of God – Old Tapes
  • * You have a brand new life the Holy Spirit has given you – Explore it! How does it work?
  • * You now have a familial relationship with the God of the universe – The intimacy of this relationship goes mostly untapped by the average Christian – Lets be  different!

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