9.17.17 “The Work of The Holy Spirit in the Lost”

The Holy Spirit

This morning we are going to see that the work of the Holy Spirit with the lost includes convicting them, pointing them to Jesus, urging them to believe, and granting them both repentance and faith . . .

I. He Convicts Them

– Read John 16:8-11 – The work of the Holy Spirit is to convict the world of sin, righteousness and Judgment – Define conviction

– So, what are these three things and why does the Holy Spirit convict the lost of them?:

  •    *Sin – Any word, thought, or deed against God’s Word or will – To see their shortfall
  •    * Righteousness – The holiness of God -To see their inability to achieve it
  •    * Judgment – The obligations to us of our sin – To understand the price

– So why does the Holy Spirit have to convict the lost anyway? – Read 2 Cor 4:3-4

  •    * Because they have been blinded by the enemy so they can’t see the gospel

– The Holy Spirit does all this so they can hear His message as we deliver it

II. He Points People to Jesus

– Read John 15:26 – Jesus tells them directly that the Holy Spirit will testify about Him – This is His job

– But why does He point people to Jesus? – Read Acts 4:12 – Because Jesus is the answer to the conviction the Holy Spirit brings – Jesus is our hope

– Realizing that Jesus is our only hope generates the question within them of what is their relationship with Him? – This is true evangelism!

III. He Urges Them to Believe

– Read Acts 17:30-31-We know the Holy Spirit raised Jesus from the dead and it says here the one who raised Him from the dead declares to all people to repent

– Read 1 Cor 2:1-5 – When we share Christ with the lost it is the voice of the Holy Spirit that communicate the truth of the message to them so they can believe

– The Holy Spirit is at work trying to bring people into a relationship with Christ

IV. He Grants Repentance & Faith

– Read Acts 11:17-18 – The Holy Spirit gives us the gift of repentance – The desire to turn away from sin and turn to Jesus Christ for salvation and life

– Read 2 Peter 1:1 -He also gives us the gift of faith – The ability to trust God

– So, the Holy Spirit gives the lost the desire to turn to the Lord and the ability to trust in Him – But they are still responsible to use these gifts and respond in salvation


– How does understanding the work of Holy Spirit with the lost affect us?

  • * It is not our responsibility to convince someone about their need of salvation – Our only job is to tell them the gospel story
  • * Realize, sometimes the work God is doing in others will remain hidden to us

   – Do not obey God to see the results, obey God for simply the joy of doing it

  • * Begin praying for someone specific and watching for your opportunities to share the gospel with them – Then watch how God works in the situation

* Romans Road

   – Romans 3:23

   – Romans 6:23

   – Romans 5:8

   – Romans 10:9-10

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