9.10.17 The Holy Spirit “The Work of The Holy Spirit in the Life of Christ”

I. Conception

– The first appearance of the Holy Spirit in the life of Christ at His conception

– Read Luke 1:30-35

– Discuss the importance of the virgin conception of Christ

  •    * The passing of the sin seed comes through the man

 – Read Romans 5:12

  •    * A virgin birth was the only way for Him to be sinless – A Holy Spirit miracle

– The Holy Spirit’s involvement in Jesus’ conception was required for Him to fulfill the work He came to do – The same is true for our ministry – We need the Holy Spirit’s involvement for us to accomplish what God has for us to do

II. His Ministry

– In the work Jesus did with us before His crucifixion was done in conjunction with the Holy Spirit

– Read Luke 3:21-22 – His anointing was the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry –Here we see the trinity involved with one another

– Read Luke 4:16-21 – We see the Holy Spirit’s involvement in Jesus’ preaching ministry – When we speak to others as we are led, know the Holy Spirit is involved

– One thing we are reminded of here is, unless the Holy Spirit is moving in the other person nothing we do will have spiritual results unless it is simply an issue of obedience for us

– Pay attention to where the Holy Spirit is working and join Him!

III. His Death & Resurrection

– At the most critical moment in human history we see how the Holy Spirit was working in conjunction with Jesus

– Read Heb 9:14 – Jesus offered Himself up through the Holy Spirit – The sacrifice  Jesus made for our sins was offered to God through the Holy Spirit

– Read Romans 8:11 – The Holy Spirit raised Him up from the dead – The Holy Spirit helps us complete what God has called us to

– Read 1 Peter 3:18 – The Holy Spirit made Him alive – We have no life apart from the Holy Spirit within us

– The work God began in you will be completed by Him – Don’t give up on Him or yourself!


– So how does seeing the Holy Spirit’s work with Jesus help us?:

* The Holy Spirit is active with us during our entire life – The Holy Spirit has been protecting and preparing you throughout your entire life for the plans that God has for you – Draw from those experiences in the moments of ministry He gives you

* The Holy Spirit will give you everything you need for life & ministry – When doing ministry the Holy Spirit will give you verse recollection, insight into the situation, understanding of application of spiritual truth

* In times of doubt you can remain confident that the Holy Spirit is up to something in you and in your ministry to others – Walking in faith here will help you to see what He is doing and join Him in the work you share

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