8.13.17 Faith Profiles “Faith Highlights”  Hebrews 11:32-40

I. People of Faith  v.32

– As the author of Hebrews wraps up this chapter he tells us that he didn’t have time to cover all the heroes of faith so he listed them:

  •   * Gideon – Over came the Midianites after God widdled down his men from 30,000 to 300 so only God would get the credit. 3 groups of 100 men with lamps and trumpets (Judges 6-8)
  • * Barak – Marched with 10K men and completely annihilated Sisera and his men and the instruction of the Lord (Judges 4)
  •   * Samson – Son of David, killed 1,000 men with the jawbone of a donkey, known  as a man of strength because of God’s hand in his life (Judges 15)
  •   * Jephthah – With the men of Gilead he conquered the men of Ephraim, he judged Israel for 6 years, he also made an unfortunate vow
  •   * David – King upon whose seat Christ will sit, Led the nation, not perfect but honest and repentant (over 500 references in 1 & 2 Samuel, Old & New Testament)
  •   * Samuel – Son of Eli, prophet, heard God’s voice at night and his father Eli told him to respond your servant is listening (1 & 2 Samuel)
  •   * Prophets – Numerous called by God to speak on His behalf (minor & major)

– God ISN’T done working like this today – He wants to work mightily through you

II. Faith Victories  v.33-38

– Next the author lists categorically the victories of faith these men enjoyed – Remember w/every faith victory there was a faith challenge

  •    * Conquered kingdoms
  •    * Performed acts of righteousness
  •    * Obtained promises
  •    * Shut the mouths of lions
  •    * Quenched the power of fire
  •    * Escaped the edge of the sword
  •    * From weakness became strong
  •    * Became mighty in war
  •    * Women received back their dead by resurrection
  •    * Tortured instead of accepting release
  •    * Mocked, scourged , chained, imprisoned
  •    * Stoned, sawn in two, tempted, put to death by sword
  •    * Wore only sheep and goat skins
  •    * They were destitute, afflicted,  ill-treated
  •    * No true home wandering in deserts, mountains, caves, and holes in the ground

– Our problem today is we think faith = an easier time in this life and we get confused when tough times come – Faith honors God & confronts the world

III. A Legacy of Faith  v.39-40

– They gained approval through their faith even though they did not receive the promises – God has plans for your obedience that exceed your lifetime

– More than just you and the others involved at the moment – We are tied to those before us and those after us are tied to us – Your faith has a greater impact than you realize

– Whatever decisions you make regarding your faith decisions will leave a legacy – Will you leave a legacy of faith or a lack of it – What is your legacy?


– If we are going to be a part of the faith highlight reel:

  • * Don’t rely on your own resources to walk in faith – This is usually where our mind goes when facing a faith challenge – Instead think of the resources of God – Then obey!
  • * Don’t let the results determine if you walked in faith – We don’t always see what God is up to – We need to trust Him on both the journey, and in the results!
  • * Don’t ignore His leading – It’s easy to talk yourself out of doing something God  is leading you to if it makes you uncomfortable – Don’t let comfort be your guide

   – Follow Him

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