7.9.17 Faith Profiles “A Faith Perspective”  Hebrews 11:13-16

I. Seeing the Promises  v.13

– So the writer ends this section by stating that “all these died in faith”

– All the way through their death they never stopped believing God – Are you so confident in what God has said that you will trust Him even if what He said doesn’t materialize in your lifetime?

– Spiritual vision – They saw the promises but never received them – When you walk in faith God will reveal to you what He is up to and allow you to naturally embrace your part in the plan – When you are living a life of faith it is a joy just to participate in what God is up to

– They welcomed them from a distance – As you walk in faith (embracing the things of God) over time you will gain a perspective of what God is doing and how He does it allowing you to welcome them from a distance also

II. Knowing Our Home .13-16

– They knew their place in this world – They were strangers and exiles

– They didn’t want to put down roots here but in a country of their own

– If they were thinking of the country from which they went out (this one) they would have the opportunity to return – We cannot love the things of the world and God at the same time – When we truly chose Christ we leave this world behind

– Those with the right perspective want a better country, a heavenly one – Their desire is for God and the things of God, including a home in heaven

III. God’s Reaction  v.16

– God is not ashamed to be their God:

  •    * Can you imagine God being ashamed to be your God? (Not wanting to admit you are His) – I hope this never happens to me
  •    * Those who walk in faith God is proud to call you His child!

– For those who walk in faith, He has prepared a city – The New Jerusalem

– Remember: Faith is required by Him to please Him! – Walk in Faith!


– So, if we are going to walk in faith we must realize:

  • * Remaining faith filled does not mean you never doubt, it means you always return to God and the plans He has for you – Many of the people in this list had doubts, but as they considered God they choose Him instead of their doubts
  • * Faith gives us spiritual eyes to see what God is up to – Why would God reveal to  us what He is doing if we don’t trust Him? – If we are struggling to trust God we must ask ourselves, why? – Remember He will always deliver on what He says!
  • * What we are seeking in our relationship with God? – A good life (defined by)? To grow (how)? To know Him more? Wisdom? – The answer to this question will  reveal your path

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