7.30.17 Faith Profiles “Moses – A Life of Faith”  Hebrews 11:23-29

I. Moses’ Parents  v.23

– We begin this story of Moses with His parents – They hid him for three months by faith because they saw he was a beautiful child and were not afraid of the King’s edict

– This doesn’t seem much like faith, to hide! But let’s see – Ex 1:8-22

– The hiding was the act of faith because they were listening to God instead of obeying the king – To what lengths are you willing to obey God?

– Tell Moses’ story – Pharaoh’s daughter named the boy Moses meaning, “drew out of the water” – How is that for God’s irony!

– Walking in faith is obeying & trusting God rather than fearing man

II. Moses’ Values  v.24-26

– Next we see over a span of Moses’ life that he made choices to walk in God’s ways rather than taking the easy or cover way – Let’s look:

  •    * WHAT – Refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter – Received ill treatment rather than the pleasures of sin – Could have played it cool, but didn’t
  •    * WHY – He considered the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt -It seems like his understanding of truly valuing Christ at a cost to yourself is missing in Christian faith today – It’s all about what He can do for you now, and forgets what He has already done for you

– Do you consider enduring a hard time in this life for the sake of Jesus to have greater value than living an easy/comfortable life? – What do you value?

III.  Moses’ Choices  v.27-29

– Moses’ faith changed how he lived – His decisions reflected his faith

   * He left Egypt – This was in opposition to the King – Took faith! – His eyes were on the reward not the enemy’s object of fear

  •    * He kept the (actual) Passover – He believed God at His word – That’s faith!
  •    * He passed thru the red sea – We think of this obedience as an act of major faith

 – This was a natural result of the spiritual faith muscles he had developed from living a life of faith

– Do the choices you make reflect faith in God or in yourself? – Chose God!


– What is God looking for in a life of faith:

  • * Someone who will choose Him over themselves – We live in a highly self centered society that even focuses faith on what God will do for you, instead of our calling to serve the one who died and gave His life for us – Serve Him!
  • * Someone who trusts Him no matter the consequences – We sometimes weigh our obedience based on the cost to ourselves – I am glad Jesus didn’t do that
  • * Someone who does more than talk a good game. They make decisions that line up with their confidence in Him – Job, family, church, ministry, decisions

   – Do you consider Him in the decisions you make every day?


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