7.23.17 Faith Profiles “A Parent’s Faith”  Hebrews 11:20-22

I. Isaac  v.20

– Who was Isaac? – The promised child of Abraham thru which the promises of God were going to come.

– He had two sons, Jacob and Esau who both received a blessing from Him

– Blessing and cursing – (Creation story/blessed-God’s way); (R sin/cursing-R way)

– The reason the blessing was so sought after in the Old Testament is because it signified both protection by God, and provision from God

– Let’s read Isaac’s blessing – Genesis 28:1-9

– So how was Isaac’s blessing an act of faith? – It let Isaac see God’s hand on his boys life, how God was going to use them, and it demonstrated his confidence in God to deliver – It takes real faith to trust God with your children

II. Jacob  v.21

– This is Jacob, the son of Isaac and Rebecca mentioned above

– Here we find him blessing Joseph’s sons “as he was dying” – The blessing was so important in Jacob’s life that essentially these are the final words he speaks to his grandsons

– The picture here is Jacob leaning on his staff worshipping and blessing them, but let’s read it together – Genesis 49:28-33

  •    * His blessings were appropriate to each one – God’s plans are unique for each of us
  •    * He’s actually seated in bed leaning on his staff – A death bed blessing
  •    * He died blessing his grandchildren and worshipping God – What a way to go!

III.  Joseph  v.22

– Now on Joseph’s death bed he turns to his brothers and reassures them that God will fulfill his promises to them concerning the land

– Read the account – Genesis 50:22-26

– Joshua 24:32 tells us that they obeyed burying him at Shechem

– Having seen God’s promises fulfilled throughout his life he remains confident/faithful that God will do everything He told them – Do u share this level of confidence about God in your life?


– So, what is the impact of parental faith

  • * Children learn faith by watching their parents – In this passage we see a faith pattern repeated

– Don’t be afraid to share your journey with your children – It will help them understand what it means to walk in faith

  • * The faith they demonstrated at the point of death developed over a lifetime – They didn’t have perfect faith along the way – Faith grows over time as it is exercised
  • * Walking in faith at home creates a testimony of faith revealing the hand of God to the world – You are the testimony for the love, compassion, and trustworthiness of God – This is not a heavy burden – It’s light and the yoke is easy

– We must realize that our faith will impact the faith of our children and others!

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