7.2.17 Faith Profile “Sarah”  Hebrews 11:11-12

I. Sarah’s Challenge  v.11

– When it comes to Sarah’s faith she faced a real challenge – God told her He was going to do something beyond human possibility – This requires faith to accept and embrace – Lets look back and see what happened

  •    *Gen 17:15-21 – God tells Abraham they are going to have a child – Abraham falls on his face, laughs and says to himself how is this even possible

– To which God responds – A very normal initial human reaction

  •    * Gen 18:9-15 – God tells Sarah she is going to have a baby – She laughs to herself with her own doubts – A very normal initial human reaction

– But we are told: By faith Sarah received the ability to conceive, even beyond the proper time of life – So something changed from the initial response to one of faith that put her here in the hall of faith

– Sarah’s challenge was to believe what God told her in spite of what she knew was possible with man – We expect God to operate in the natural realm because that is where we operate, but God is not limited by the laws of nature – He created them

– Your initial reaction to God doesn’t doom you to missing out on what God has for you

II. Sarah’s Faith  v.11

– So, Sarah’s bridge from doubt to faith came because of her belief in the character and nature of God – She considered Him faithful who had promised

– True genuine faith in God has to recognize who He is and rely on it

– Our faith in God is directly related in who we believe he is – Trustworthiness

III. Sarah’s Results  v.12

– God fulfilled His promise to Sarah – He took a man (as good as dead) and a woman (past her Childbearing yrs) and blessed them with a son just as He said

– The reason God works in the arena of what is impossible for us is so the world will know it was Him who did it – This is why faith is required for us with

– When we choose faith it can seem difficult, but it allows us to participate God and be there to see Him work – It’s not too late to choose faith! 


– What are some faith lessons we learn from Sarah?:

  • * God is not bound by the human limitations we deal with everyday – We must ask ourselves if we serve a limited God or unlimited God? – Biblically vs. Practically  where are you?
  • * God is faithful to us and His plans for us – If in the past you feel He hasn’t come thru for you it might be because you were asking for something contrary to His plans for you – Do u believe God is everything His Word says He is? – Does your life reflect that belief?
  • * Our ability to participate in God’s plans requires we chose to believe Him and act on that belief – What has God brought to you that seems impossible? -Trust Him!

 – If nothing, then engage Him by asking Him why and telling Him you are ready

 – Only if you are ready!

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