7.16.17 Faith Profile “Abraham Part 2”  Hebrews 11:17-19

I. Abraham’s Challenge  v.17

– By faith when Abraham was tested – Have you ever felt tested?

  •    * Challenges of faith are always a test – Why? Because we have to trust someone else with our situation
  •    * Tests seem greater when they involve the people we love
  •    * We must remember in all of life’s tests there is an opportunity for faith

– His test was to offer up Isaac – Imagine the enormous challenge Abraham was facing when God asked him to do this – Challenges:

  •    * Love for his son!
  •    * God’s promises?
  •    * The physical act itself

– He offered up his son – Past tense – Abraham had made the decision

– He who received the promises was offering up his only begotten son

  •    * What about Ishmael? – He wasn’t the son God promised, Isaac was

– Imagine the challenge of having to sacrifice your son in obedience to God

II. God’s Promise  v.18

– Here we are told that Abraham is identified as the one who received the promise that, “In Isaac your descendants shall be called”

– So God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son thru whom his descendants would be called  -Seems contradictory – Sometimes what God says to us can seem contradictory because we have limited understanding and power

– Faith requires that we trust Him because of who he is and not because it makes sense to us – Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us to lean not to our own understanding. In all our ways to acknowledge Him – You can trust in the promises of God!

III. Abraham’s Confidence  v.19

– For Abraham to move forward with obedience he had to have confidence in God

– He believed God is able to raise people from the dead – So in Abraham’s mind he thought that he was actually going to have to sacrifice his son, but that God would still fulfill His promises

– From which he also received him back as a type – This is where he saw Jesus Christ – Isaac was a type for Christ-The exercise of faith allowed Him to see spiritually

– Abraham’s confidence was totally in God to the point of absolute obedience


– Challenges to walking in faith:

  • * We are control freaks – Many times our peace of mind is directly related to our  ability to control a situation – Why do we have more confidence in ourselves than  our God?
  • * If we don’t understand something we won’t move – God has not given us a spirit of slavery leading to fear (Rom 8:15) – If we did fully understand everything where is the space for faith? – Knowledge mitigates risk, but it also undermines faith
  • * Unfortunately at times we think we know better than God – Has God ever told you to do something you still have not done? – There you go! – You have an opportunity accept what God has asked you to do instead of trusting what seems  to make sense to you


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