6.25.17 Faith Profiles  “Abraham Part 1”  Hebrews 11:8-10

I. His Calling  v.8

– By faith (a faith decision) -When he was called, he obeyed – Gen 12:1-9

  •    * The calling of God on Abram’s life completely changed it’s direction  – God interrupted what Abram had going to with a new plan
  •    * His obedience required abandonment of his plans, and acceptance of what God wanted to do with his life – Are you willing to do the same?

– When he obeyed God he went to a place:

  •    * Which he was to receive for an inheritance – Promise by God alone
  •    * That he did not know where he was going – Requires God leading

– Walking in faith requires complete trust in God every step of the way!

II. His Life  v.9

– By faith he lived (ongoing faith) – Real faith is not a one time decision. When you obey God it requires you to continue walking in faith

  •    * He lived as an alien in the land of promise as in a foreign land – Where God wanted trusting Him to deliver – Remain patient when walking with the Lord – Do not grab what belongs to God
  •    * Dwelling in tents with Isaac and Jacob (fellow heirs of the same promise) – They did not take ownership of God’s things. They were in tents

– We must live our lives in a way that we trust both God’s direction and His timing – It is very easy to get either of these out of sync and not be in the right place at the right time – We have to trust God in both!

III. What He Was Looking for  v.10

– Verse 10 tells us that Abram was looking for the city which has foundations whose architect and builder is God – Eternal perspective

– Looking for a permanent home instead of a temporary home – Our future in heaven (the new Jerusalem) – Explain our final home

– He saw this world as temporary – We are tied to vapor with permanent chains– We need to develop an eternal perspective

– What are u looking for? – A better life for u here, or eternal investments?


– So what lessons are here for us from Abraham’s story?:

  • * Realize you have a calling – How do you see your life? – Family, job, finances, or do you have a purpose beyond yourself? – You have a calling! Embrace it!
  • * Do not place your hands on what God owns – This happens subtly. Be careful that you do not move from a participant to an owner in the plans of God
  • * Don’t let your ties to this world keep you from obeying the Lord – Many times we think about the cost to obey, and we never think about the cost to not obey

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