6.18.17 “Who Am I . . . Making Sense of the Struggle”     Romans 8:26-30


I. The Spirit Helps Us  v.26-27

– In the same way that the Spirit gives us hope of being delivered from this corruptible flesh, He also gives us hope in the face of our weakness of not really knowing how to pray as we should

  •    * Praying for the wrong things – Not understanding the mind of God
  •    * Being so emotionally distraught in a situation that we can’t see how to pray – Not able to see the mind of God

– So, how does the Spirit help us? – He prays for us with groanings to deep for words (KJV – with groanings which cannot be uttered)

  •    * Communication between the Father & Spirit – Not tongues – Can’t be uttered
  •    * He searches our hearts – He knows where we are and if we are in alignment with His will
  •    * He knows God’s will-He knows what God’s up to and sees the big picture

– Be comforted! – The Holy Spirit is praying God’s will for your life!

 II. It All Has Value  v.28

– Many things that happen in this life are frankly difficult and we don’t: 

  •    * See why God would let that happen or   
  •    * Understand why we are struggling

– God causes all things to work together for good for those:

  •    * Who love God – Saved   
  •    * Who are called according to His purpose – Saved

– This is a heavily used verse usually quoted when neither party sees what God is up to – Be careful that you don’t miss the hurting person

– Most of us are willing go thru something difficult if we know some good will come of it

– Everything we go thru in this life can become beautiful in the hand of God – So, we must learn to trust when we don’t c the answer – Hard!

III. His Plan for Us  v.29-30

– For those who God foreknew – The saved are those who God knows (Salvation Test: Matt 7:21- 23) – If you are saved God knew you from eternity past and His will is to conform you to the image of His Son – He doesn’t conform the lost to the image of His Son

– Conformed – Used elsewhere this refers to the pressures of the world that change our thinking, but here it refers to how God uses the challenges of life to bring about change in the lives of His Children

– So those who are predestined to be conformed to the image of Christ: He calls (v.28), justifies, and glorifies – He has a plan for you and will finish the job


– So, to make a little sense out of our struggles, we must realize:

  • * We must seek the mind of the Spirit so we can walk in the ways God has for us, and when we can’t discern what He’s up to the Spirit prays God’s will for us! –There is someone praying for God’s actual plans for your life to manifest
  • * The abrasive situations of the world are meant to remove the corrosion of the world and anything you are trusting in other than Christ – Our real problem is we are sometimes holding onto the corrosion more than we are holding onto Jesus
  • * No matter how bad the circumstances may seem God has not abandoned you – But Pastor you don’t understand what happened to me – If God plans on finishing His work on you no matter what you face He will use to conform you

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