6.11.17 Faith Profiles “Enoch”  Hebrews 11:5-6

I. Our Witness  v.5

– Our witness matters (Our individual story of faith) – You have a story – The good news for all of us is our story can change

– Enoch’s witness – We don’t know much, but here is what we do know:

  •    * He was pleasing to God – What a beautiful thing – How many of you would love to have this as a description of you?
  •    * So pleasing that God did not want him to see death so God took him

 – First example of the rapture

 – God understands how much death hurts us

– Why was faith seeming easy for Enoch but can be a struggle for us?

  •    * His relationship with God mattered more to him than anything else

II. The Value of Faith  v.6

– Sometimes when we think about faith we only think about it in terms of our confidence in God, but not how it affects how we live

– This verse states, “Without faith it is impossible to please God”

– Without faith – Why would anyone without faith:

  •    * Attempt to serve God? – Works salvation
  •    * Want to please God? – Become acceptable

– These are both self righteousness

– Impossible – Religious service without faith is a deal breaker for God – Why? – Because, we are not in alignment with what He has planned for us

– Good works do not make us pleasing to God – Only faith can do that!

– Realize it pleases Him when our walk expresses our relationship with God and is not based on our own strength

III.  How We Must Approach the Lord  v.6

– If you desire to come to the Lord there is a couple things you must believe:

  •    * He is – We must believe He exists – This makes the approach genuine
  •    * He is a rewarder of those who seek Him – We must believe there is value in seeking Him – The reward is that we find what we are looking for: HIM!

– Are you seeking the Lord? – Why? – Pursue Him with hope – This is just the beginning


– If we want a testimony like Enoch we must realize:

  • * Both people and even more so the Lord know who we are – How many of you know someone who: Is a prayer warrior? Has godly wisdom? A good Bible teacher? Needs a closer walk with the Lord?

– See we know one another!

  • * We have to stop loving the things of this world – God made this world for us to enjoy but not for us to love more than Him – What guides your decisions?
  • * What we really want out of life – A good life for ourselves – Or to know Him and make Him known as we discover His plan for us

– What will your story be?

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