4.9.17 “The Lord’s Supper”  Matthew 26:17-35

I. A Plot Revealed  v.17-25

– Jesus tells them who to speak with to host them for the Passover meal, they did as He told them, and they prepared the Passover – Sometimes in our obedience we don’t fully grasp all that God is up to

– Jesus reveals that one of them would betray Him – Imagine the amount of introspection that was going on – Then they all try to find out if its them

– Jesus revealed who it was by saying He who dipped (past tense) his hand with me in the bowl is the one – This left no confusion

– Then Judas who had dipped with Him already tried to play it off by saying, “surely not I!” when he already knew he had been planning to betray Him

– Jesus didn’t let him off the hook, he called him out – You said it!

– Jesus knows our heart – If your heart is wrong, be honest and He can turn it

II. The New Covenant Revealed  v.26-29

– Jesus and the disciples partake of the Passover meal, what we know today as the Lord’s Supper – They shared this moment with Jesus not really understanding how significant it was in their lives & in history

  •    * Bread and His body – It was broken so they could each have some
  •    * Fruit of the vine and His blood – Poured out and they all shared in it
  •    * He reveals His departure – Unsettling – They gave up their lives for Him
  •    * He reveals His Father’s kingdom and something we are doing in it – We are going to eat and drink with Jesus in His Kingdom – We will be with Him!

– So Jesus established a new covenant thru his blood which we receive by faith

III. The Disciples Denial Revealed  v.30-35

– So, after dinner they all sing a song, and go outside to the Mount of Olives – Lightens the mood b4 He reveals the next challenge

– Jesus announces to them that they are all going to fall away when He is struck down (shepherd & sheep) – All of this had to be shocking!!!

– Peter says that even though they deny You, I won’t – Jesus told him you will deny me three times before the rooster crows – Lesson: Separate yourself to Jesus by your actions not words

– Peter protests saying he would even die for Him before denying Him and the other disciples said the same thing to – It’s interesting that they all focused on what they would do, and no one told Him He wouldn’t be struck down

– We are pretty self centered creatures even in our selfless proclamations


– Here are a few lessons for us from the Lord’s Supper:

  • * Jesus knows where we are supposed to be and what we are going to do – Live honestly in your relationship with Him and with other people – Look to Him to lead you
  • * Jesus loves us in spite of the dumb things we do and our own lack of self  awareness – There is nothing that can separate you from the Love of Christ!
  • * Death was not the end for Jesus and it won’t be the end for us either – We have a future with Jesus – Live heavenly minded and not earthly minded!


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