4.16.17 “Observations from The Gospel Story”  Matthew 27:33-28:7

Easter 2017

I. The Crucifixion  Matthew 27:33-54

– Many told Him, if He was the Son of God to save Himself and come down off thecross – The problem was, Jesus didn’t need saving, we did

– He had already done miracles and they didn’t believe so one more wouldn’t convince them – Unbelief and proof versus faith – They left wagging their heads

  •    * Even the chief priests acknowledged He had saved others and the Chief Priests had not believed – They challenge Him to come down and they’d believe

– So, Jesus is dying in front of them so faith will save them and they are telling Him to come down from the cross and they will believe – If He had done that,nobody would have the opportunity to believe and be saved – We would be leftwith a works based salvation that’s incapable of saving us

– So, at the very moment Jesus died and gave up His spirit:

  •    * The veil was torn from top to bottom, the earth shook, and rocks split in two
  •    * Tombs were opened and saints who died showed up in Jerusalem appearing to many – Imagine what this must have been like – Zombies

– The Centurion and those guarding Jesus, after seeing these things, became very frightened and said, “Truly this was the Son of God!” – They realized, what about you?

II. The Burial  Matthew 27:57-66

– Joseph of Arimathea (rich man; became disciple of Jesus) asks Pilate for the body of Jesus to bury Him – He dresses Jesus, puts Him in his own tomb, rolls a large  stone to seal it and went away – He did his part

– Enter the Chief Priests saying the disciples were going to make Jesus’ predictions come true by stealing His body and ask Pilate for a guard – So, he gives them a guard to make the tomb secure and they seal it – So, exactly what happened?:

  •    * Guard – Custodia – Group of Roman soldiers changed every three hours
  •    * Seal-Sphragidzo – Required the: stone removed, tomb checked, stone replaced, a string stretched across, sealed on both sides with the Roman Governors mark

– The result: The body of Jesus wasn’t going anywhere at the hand of man

III. The Resurrection  Matthew 28:1-7

– At dawn both Marys who saw Joseph bury Jesus went to the grave and:

  •    * Saw the guards
  •    * A severe earthquake takes place
  •    * An angel of the Lord descended from heaven, rolled the stone away, and sat on  it
  •    * The guards shook for fear because of the angel and fell down like dead men
  •    * The angel speaks to the Marys telling them that Jesus has risen from the dead and has gone ahead of them into Galilee

– No amount of human effort could keep Jesus in the grave

– Jesus revealed Himself alive in Galilee – This destroyed the body theft theory

– The stone was rolled away not so Jesus could leave, but so the Marys could go in and see that He was gone – Jesus is alive today!


– If this is all true, where does it leave us?:

  • * What place does Jesus have in your life today? – Do you know of Him, or know Him?
  • * Have you been playing games in your relationship with Him? – Are you the guards or the Marys?
  • * How do I discover a growing relationship with Him? – Honest confession

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