3.5.17 “Christian Relationships”  1 Thessalonians 5:12-28

Elements of a Mature Church

I. With Our Spiritual Authorities  v.12-13

– All of us are requested to appreciate those who

  •    * Diligently labor among you – This is where their work takes place – They work among us – Their work is us – God has called them to us
  •    * Have charge over you in the Lord – They are responsible to help us flourish in the Lord, so be willing to walk in faith
  •    * Give you instruction – Be teachable

– Esteem them very highly in love because of their work – Treasure them because they are working to help you be everything God created you to be

– Live in peace with one another – This is where the enemy works to destroy our witness and keep us from being what God created us to be – Live in peace

II. With One Another  v.14-18

– We urge you brethren – We are urged to engage with one another:

  •    * Admonish the unruly – Warn, reprimand, advise – Self led
  •    * Encourage the fainthearted – We’re all timid in areas and need encouragement
  •    * Help the weak – Let your strengths cover their weakness
  •    * Be patient with everyone – No exceptions
  •    * See that no one repays another with evil for evil – No getting even

– We must always:

  •    * Seek after that which is good for one another and all people – Prioritize others
  •    * Rejoice always – Decision/not a feeling
  •    * Pray without ceasing – Nothing we don’t discuss with Him
  •    * In everything give thanks – Recognizes God is up to things you don’t see

– This is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus – If you’re seeking God’s will, here it is

III. With the Holy Spirit  v.19-26

– The Holy Spirit was given to us as a comforter, so we are instructed to:

  •    * Not quench the Spirit – To quench is to remove – Don’t ignore, listen to Him
  •    * Not despise prophetic utterances – Treasure God’s Word
  •    * Examine everything carefully, hold fast to the good – Holy Spirit Discernment
  •    * Abstain from every form of evil – Remove things that lead you away from Him

– Now God is the one who sanctifies us entirely; spirit, soul, body – This is His work in you – When we don’t follow the instructions above we are resisting Him

– God is faithful and He who calls you will make it happen! – We each do our part


-So, what do we learn about our Christian relationships?:

  • * Be a blessing and not a problem – Carrying the weight of representing the Lord when you have a genuine love for God’s people as you lead them never leaves those who are trying to do what God wants – Encourage, Support, Pray
  • * Be there for one another no matter what – We need each other:

   – To love us in spite of our junk

   – To fill in our weaknesses

   – To learn from as we seek the Lord together

  • * Actively grow in your own relationship with the Lord – We must seek after a healthy relationship with the Lord by listening to the Holy Spirit and receiving His Word

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