2.26.17 “Life Beyond the Grave!”  1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

I. You Know the Signs  v.1-3

– Paul tell us up front that we already know the signs of the times and epochs – Then he proceeds to list some of them

– The Day of the Lord – Great Tribulation – 7 years of God’s wrath poured out

  •    * Will come as a thief in the night – Unexpected. At His discretion.
  •    * While they are saying, “Peace & safety” – The world is looking for peace and safety – Maybe because: they need it; OR they think they have it
  •    * Destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains and there is no escape – Again unexpected and there is no way around it

– These signs are associated with the Day of the Lord – Mostly unexpected when the world is crying peace & safety

II. Be Alert  v.4-7

– If the day of the Lord is coming unexpectedly we must stay alert!

– Now, it is only unexpected by those who are in darkness – Believers know about it and should be ready expectantly looking for Him!

– We are sons of the light and day – Jesus said, “I am the light of the world” and we are His children – As a result:

  •    * Do not sleep as others do – Spiritually unaware – Eph 5:13-15
  •    * Be alert – Expectant of, and watching for His return!
  •    * Be sober – Don’t tune out or be controlled by something other than Him!

– So, we have a responsibility to be alert, but practically how do we do that?

III. Be Prepared  v.8-11

So, if we are going to be sober toward the coming of the Lord then we must:

  •    * Put on the breastplate of faith and love – It protects our heart
  •    * Put on the helmet the hope of salvation -Confidence in Christ protects our mind

– These sound mysteriously like the armor of God – Our confidence must be in Him, and we must rely on what He has done for us

– Then Paul gives us some reminders:

  •    * God has not destined us to wrath but to obtaining salvation in Christ – Be encouraged the wrath of God is not meant for you!
  •    * We will live together with Him whether we are awake or asleep – We will never be separated from Christ

– So encourage those struggling, build up one another – We are safe in Him!


– So where do these spiritual insights leave us?:

  • * Jesus is coming for us! – This should be of great comfort to us all!
  • * Lets keep an eye out for Him – Live expectantly of His imminent return – Don’t leave things undone – If there is something you need to address do it today!
  • * Lets keep an eye out for one another – We are called to be involved with one another for the benefit of one another and for His glory – We need each other!

– The fact that Jesus is coming for us should change how we live!



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