12.3.17 Who is New Life Baptist Church? “We Stand for Truth!”

This morning as we look at our stance on truth we will see the inspiration of the Bible, what truth is, and how it affects us. . .

I. Inspiration

– When we talk about the inspiration of God’s Word phrases like, the Divine Verbal Plenary inspiration of the Word of God – It matters that we understand what that means – Lets break this down into the 3 words:

  •    * Divine Origin – This means that God Himself inspired His Word

– Read 2 Peter 1:21 – The Holy Spirit moved men to speak for God – It was not something they came up with on their own

  •    * Verbal – This means the very words themselves are inspired by God

– A good example of this is found in Galatians 3:16 – Very specific words

  •    * Plenary – This means that every part of Scripture is inspired

– Read 2 Timothy 3:16-17 – All Scripture is inspired by God

– Why would God go to this level of inspiration? – To equip us for every good work

– So what we are left with is God Himself inspired all of His Word down to the very words themselves – This book is from God! – You ought to read it

II. What is Truth?

– If we say we are going to stand for truth, we have to know what it is!

– Read John 17:17 – Here we are very clearly told that the Word is truth

– Read John 14:6 – Here we are told that Jesus also is the truth (John 1:1, 14)

– Read Proverbs 30:5 – Every Word is pure – You can rely on Him – He will be a shield to you

– So, as we pursue truth we are also pursuing Jesus and they can be completely relied on – Remember the truth will always be true! – Pursue!

III. How the Truth Affects Us

– It’s our responsibility to interact with the truth and the following happens:

– Read Hebrews 4:12 – God’s Word discerns us and the Holy Spirit applies it to us

– Read 1 Corinthians 2:12-13 – It instructs us via the Holy Spirit and we share it

– Read John 8:31-32 – It continues in us (faithfulness) and sets us free (bound)

– Read John 4:24 – It defines how we are to worship!

– Read 2 Timothy 2:15 – Lastly we are charged to study so we can accurately handle the Word of God – It is that important and required for us to be used

– Interacting with the truth aligns us with God and allows us to worship God!


– So what does standing for the truth mean here at New Life?

  • * We must pursue it without compromise – Our desire must be to know the truth – We do not want to walk with false beliefs – If w do the result will be failure and frustration
  • * We must apply it without compromise – The truth will confront us when we don’t align with it – Do you want to align yourself with truth, or do you want to make it align with you?
  • * We must speak it without compromise – Sometimes it can be hard to tell someone the truth, but we must speak it with love – Empathy and gentleness

– The truth matters, but remember it is meant to transform not to beat up!

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