11.19.17 The Holy Spirit “Tongues”


This morning as we look at tongues we will see its definition & arrival, what it isn’t & what it is, a correction on the misuse of tongues, and some notes on slain in the spirit 

I. Definition & Arrival

– Read Acts 2:1-13 – There are a couple things we learn from these verses

– In these verses the gift of tongues arrived on its own (v.2)

– It was a result of the filling of the Holy Spirit not the indwelling – Not salvation issue (v.4)

– They only spoke in tongues as the Holy Spirit gave them the utterance – This is something God did, not men working themselves up (v.4)

– The people here used the word tongue to describe their native language (v.5-11) – It was a known language to spread the gospel, not gibberish

– Even then there was confusion about tongues – Some thought they were drunk (v.12-13)

– Read Acts 19:6 – It came differently here, coming as hands were laid on

– Remember, Acts is a transitional book chronicling the coming of the Holy Spirit, and how it changes. Therefore this book can’t be used alone to establish doctrine

II. What it is Not

– Read 1 Cor 12:27-31 – It is not a salvation issue – All do not speak with tongues –  If it were part of salvation we would all have to do it!

– Read Rom 8:26 (NASB & KJV) – It is not a prayer language – This is a look into the Holy Spirit’s prayer life for us which are groanings to deep for words and cannot be uttered

– This is not a definition of what the Holy Spirit sounds like when He speaks through you

III. What it is

– Read 1 Corinthians 14:22 – It is a sign to unbelievers not to believers

– So, tongues does not indicate who is a believer! – It is a sign to the lost

IV. Correction on the Misuse of Tongues

– Read 1 Corinthians 14:1-19 – These are actually corrections not ascriptions

– We are never told to pursue tongues – We are to pursue edifying others

– The reason one who speaks in tongues speaks to God and edifies himself is because no one else can understand you – Gifts were meant to edify others

– True tongues is an understandable language – v.9-10

– The section on prayer is corrective because they were not understanding the proper use of tongues – It is meant to edify – Don’t miss the point – Read v.19

V. Slain in the Spirit

– The phrase “slain in the Spirit” is used many times in conjunction with a service in which what is being called tongues is taking place. This phrase does not take place in Scripture, but is built from the following verses:

  •   * Acts 9:3-4 – Saul/Paul on the road
  •   * Matt 28:2-4 – The guards at the tomb

– These men fell to the ground when they encountered the very presence of the Lord, not because some preacher touched them on the forehead

– Remember this – Read 1 Corinthians 14:33 – Do not fall into the trap of emotional sensationalism – God brings peace not emotional hype!


– So what have learned about tongues?:

  • * Spiritual gifts always target others including tongues – This is for the spread of the gospel
  • * Does it still take place? – Yes! As a known language for the spread of the gospel
  • * Do we need to pursue it? – No. We need to pursue Him and use the gifts He has given us to edify others – The real question is who has been edified by you?

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