11.12.17 “How We Interact With the Holy Spirit”


The Holy Spirit

This morning we will discover how to interact with the Holy Spirit by prayer & fellowship, faith, obedience, care for our body, and worship . . .

I. Prayer & Fellowship

– Communication is important  in any relationship especially in our relationship with the Holy Spirit

– Read Jude 1:20 – Praying in the Holy Spirit means that your prayers reflect His leading & your agreement with what He is telling you – We are led in prayer

– Read 2 Corinthians 13:14 – We are to fellowship with the Holy Spirit – Fellowship means to spend time with, get to know, enjoy – Is this how you view your time with the Holy Spirit

– Read Phil 2:1-2 – The fellowship we share with the Holy Spirit binds us together

– This is where our individual & corporate purpose are discovered

– Engage the Holy Spirit with prayer and fellowship – You might be surprised what you discover!

II. Faith in Him

– The Holy Spirit has been sent to us to help us – We need to trust Him!

– Read Acts 6:4-5 – We need to be men & women full of the Holy Spirit – You are all full of something – Either self or Him – Choose!

– Read Galatians 5:16 – If you walk in the Spirit you will experience victory over your flesh – Put your confidence in the Spirit! – Has putting it anywhere else worked?

III. Obedience to Him

– As we commune with Him & trust Him to both help & lead us we must act!

– Read Rom 8:14 – Letting Him lead you is the outflow of our relationship with Him – You are not letting Him lead if you are not doing what He says!

– Read Acts 16:6-7 – Be willing to accept that He will tell you no sometimes!

– How long has it been since you did something because He told you? – Obey!

IV. Care for Our Body

– Often we think of our bodies as our own, but we have a responsibility to care for this vessel that God has given us!

– Read 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 – Your body is a temple – It’s holy because He dwells in you! – Who you are!

– Read 1 Corinthians 6:12-20 – Don’t just do something because you can – Do  things that are profitable for your relationship with Him – This will always be profitable for you!

– Your bodies are members of Christ – Avoid immorality! Glorify God in your body!

V. Worship Him

– We should not act casually toward the Holy Spirit. He is God and worthy of worship!

– Read Acts 5:3-4 – The Holy Spirit is identified as God in these verses

– Read Rev 22:9 – Here we are told to worship God – We must worship the Holy Spirit!


– In looking at how we relate to the Holy Spirit it forces us to as ourselves a few questions:

  • * How often to you engage the Holy Spirit for the help He was sent to provide? – If  you do engage Him, do you also listen to Him? – Be consistent and He will speak
  • * Do you enjoy spending time with the Holy Spirit? – The reasons we don’t usually surround Him stripping away the things of the world we want instead of Him!
  • * Are there obstacles you have allowed to interfere with your relationship with the Holy Spirit? – Expecting perfection from yourself, hurt, sin, indifference, selfish

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