10.15.17 “The Work of The Holy Spirit in the Walk of the Christian – Part 1 of 2”

The Holy Spirit

This morning as we look at how the Holy Spirit helps Christians to walk we will discover that He is praying for us, convicting us of sin, and communicating with us about who we are . . .

I. The Holy Spirit Prays for Us  Romans 8:26-27

– We learn a couple things from these verses:

  •    * We don’t know how to pray as we should – The disciples recognized the same thing when they asked Jesus to teach them to pray in Luke 11:1
  •    * The weakness related to our prayer life identified here, is not the absence of it, it is the lack of understanding of what God’s will is for our lives – How often do we spend time in prayer for the things we want and never take time to discover what He wants for us
  •    * The Prayers of the Holy Spirit for you are in line with God’s will for you – This is what our prayers should consist of – Alignment and acceptance, not Certain outcome

– The Holy Spirit is interceding on your behalf for God’s will in your life!

II. The Holy Spirit Convicts Us of Sin  John 16:5-11

– Here Jesus begins to encourage the disciples who were sad about His departure by explaining the benefits of it

  •    * The helper is coming – Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to help us in our walk
  •    * He will convict the world – Conviction is the challenge to change direction

 – Sin – Lack of faith in Christ – When we don’t trust Christ we naturally turn to our own devices to attempt to live this life – Doesn’t work

– Righteousness – Because Jesus left – The Holy Spirit’s conviction of righteousness is God’s accountability for us to live out His plans for us

– Judgment – The enemy has been dealt with – Don’t live defeated

– The Holy Spirit helps us so discouragement doesn’t cause to wander from the life God planned for us

III. The Holy Spirit Bears Witness to us  Romans 8:15-16

– The Holy Spirit is the one communicating with us – He bears witness to us about:

  •    * Our relationship with God – Who we are, “children” – No fear necessary
  •    * Our resources – We are heirs
  •    * Our hope – If we suffer we will be glorified

– God established an open communication channel with you – Take advantage of it 


– Lessons we learn about our walk in Christ:

– If the Holy Spirit believes prayer for us is important, how important should it be for us to pray for one another? – We use the phrase “I will pray for you” all the time in a cavalier fashion – Have you ever used that phrase and forgotten to pray? When we use the phrase, “I will pray for you”, we should take it as a divine responsibility to represent one another in prayer

– Are you responsive to conviction? – Many times we see conviction as God taking away something we want instead of clearing the way so He can bless us with His will in our lives

– Are you willing to have a conversation with God on any subject? Are you willing to be honest with Him? Are you willing to listen to Him? – God thought communication was so important that He gave us the Bible and still wants to communicate with us directly, don’t you think we should take advantage of it?

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